Proverbs to Entertain, Encourage, and Enlighten

Book of B produces original proverbs related to various sports and shares them via social media, eBooks, printed books, and shirts. Our goal is to:

  • Entertain athletes and fans so they smile a little larger
  • Encourage athletes to strive for greatness
  • Enlighten athletes to greater wisdom

The Team

Roy Al Tee

Hometown: Castletown

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Position: First Base

Favorite Book of B: Book of Bases

Favorite Team: Royals

Motto: Keep striving for your crowning achievement.


Gabe Wingman

Hometown: Pearl City

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Position: Wing

Favorite Book of B: Book of Breakaways

Favorite Team: Angels

Motto: Lift your teammates to new heights.



Professor Zebub

Hometown: Hadesville

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Position: Center

Favorite Book of B: Book of Buckets

Favorite Team: Devils

Motto: No need to pass.


Frequently Asked Questions

The first Book of B proverb was written in 2023.

Difficult to tell as new ones are still being written… Ace may be writing one right at this moment!

The hardcover version of each book is priced in honor of one of the people the book is dedicated to. For example, the Book of Buckets is priced $19.39 since it is dedicated to a person who was born in 1939.


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The Book of B proverbs are amazing! They have elevated my game to new heights!


I absolutely despise the Book of B proverbs. My enemies and opponents enjoy them so much and become better players. It just burns me up!


Finding and studying the Book of B proverbs has been a crowning achiement for me. My skill and attitude are golden now! 

Roy Al T
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