Proverbs for those who love sports.

Book of B produces proverbs related to various sports and shares them via social media, eBooks, printed books, and shirts. Our goal is to:


Athletes so they smile a little larger


Athletes to strive for greatness


Athletes to greater wisdom

Calling all hoopers

Book of Buckets

The Book of Buckets are proverbs for those who hoop.

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Calling all golfers

Book of Birdies

The Book of Birdies are proverbs for those who hit the links.


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Calling all skaters

Book of Breakaways

The Book of Breakaways are proverbs for those who deke.

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Calling all pitchers and hitters

Book of Bases

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Calling all tennis players

Book of Backhands

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Calling all football players

Book of Blitzes

The Book of Blitzes are proverbs for those who tackle.

Calling all soccer players

Book of Boots

The Book of Boots are proverbs for those who kick the ball.

Calling all cyclists

Book of Bikes

The Book of Bikes are proverbs for those who pedal.

Thou shall compete in sports on the court, field, course, and ice.

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